The Sustainability Practitioner’s Guide to Social Analysis and Assessment

Joy Murray, Darian McBain and Thomas Wiedmann (eds)

Published by On Sustainability, a book imprint by Common Ground Publishing

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A welcome addition to the “Sustainability Practitioners Guide” series, this book gathers together progress that has been made in analysing, assessing and reporting social issues. Approachable for experts and non-experts alike and written in a characteristic ‘easy to understand style’, this edited volume presents complex concepts with clarity. The comprehensive selection of topics, which includes such indicators as labour conditions, inequality, food security and even sleep, is bound to present something of relevance and interest to a wide variety of readers.

Angela Druckman,
Centre of Environmental Strategy
University of Surrey

[This book] provides a comprehensive overview of current understanding of social impacts and identifies the main approaches to measurement, methods and tools. Further, the book includes illustrative applications and case studies which are extremely helpful to any practitioner in the field and provide easy to follow examples of use of social accounting (alongside environmental and economic accounting). …

In our eagerness to act justly we need reliable assessment methods and data to produce evidence for informed policy-making. This book opens the door on the path towards this goal.

Mia Mikic
Chief, Trade Policy and Analysis Section
Trade and Investment Division,

Book: Electronic (PDF File; 12.520MB). Book: Print (Paperback). Published by On Sustainability, a book imprint by Common Ground Publishing.

Joy Murray

Senior Research Fellow, Integrated Sustainability Analysis (ISA), School of Physics, University of Sydney, Sydney, NSW, Australia

Joy Murray is a senior research fellow with the Integrated Sustainability Analysis (ISA) group in the University of Sydney’s School of Physics. Before joining ISA, Joy worked for over 25 years in education, pre-school to post-graduate. She has also worked with residents of government housing estates to collaboratively develop leadership capacity. In 2009 she and four leadership program participants co-authored Views from the Inside. With ISA she has edited: The Sustainability Practitioner’s Guide to Input-Output Analysis (2010); Enough for All Forever: A Handbook for Learning about Sustainability (2012); and The Sustainability Practitioner’s Guide to Multiregional Input-Output Analysis (2013).

Darian McBain

Global Director of Sustainable Development, Thai Union Group, Bankok, Thailand

Darian McBain is the global director of sustainable development for the Thai Union Group and an adjunct senior lecturer to the Integrated Sustainability Analysis (ISA) group in the University of Sydney’s School of Physics. Darian has spent her career working with business, government and non-government organisations on measuring and managing the environmental and social impacts and risks of business activities. Her research interests are social and environmental footprinting and global supply chain analysis. Darian currently works on global sustainability issues within the seafood industry.

Dr Thomas Wiedmann

Associate Professor, School of Civil and Environmental Engineering, UNSW Australia, Sydney, Australia

Thomas Wiedmann is associate professor of sustainability research and leader of the Sustainability Assessment Program in the School of Civil and Environmental Engineering at UNSW Australia. His research and teaching is based on 12 years of experience in integrated sustainability assessment and environmental footprint analysis. His main research question is how to achieve human wellbeing without increasing environmental impacts. He develops and applies environmental input-output analysis as part of a holistic concept to life cycle assessment, industrial ecology and sustainable consumption and production research.


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