Sustainable Human Security: Corruption Issues and Anti-corruption Solutions

Marco Tavanti and Agata Stachowicz-Stanusch (eds)

Published by On Sustainability, a book imprint by Common Ground Publishing

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Sustainable Human Security addresses the systemic and inter-generational capacity for the protection and promotion of human survival (freedom from fear), human development (freedom from want), human dignity (freedom from shame), and human sustainability (freedom from vulnerability). This volume explores sustainable solutions and systemic issues in relation to human security and corruption. The selected articles from the International Journal of Sustainable Human Security (IJSHS) offer relevant theoretical and valuable practical insights into the complex relations of these topics at the international level. Authors present Latin American, European, American, Asian, African, and Middle Eastern perspectives on corruption issues and anti-corruption solutions. The notion of sustainable human security is illustrated in its historical evolution and relevance to international development, human rights, private companies, good governance, and accountability systems.

Book: Electronic (PDF File; 7.408MB). Book: Print (Paperback). Published by On Sustainability, a book imprint by Common Ground Publishing.

Dr. Marco Tavanti

Associate Professor, School of Public Service, DePaul University, Chicago, IL, USA

Dr. Marco Tavanti has more than 25 years of experience working internationally in the field of sustainable development, poverty reduction and community development. He is currently an Associate Professor in the School of Public Service. He is a member of the presidential Sustainability Taskforce Committee at DePaul University. He is director of various international programs, including the Sustainable Chiapas Program, teaching this course with a human rights based approach to sustainable development. He is a Research Fellow for the International Human Rights Law Institute (IHRLI), Senior Wicklander Fellow for the Institute for Business and Professional Ethics (IBPE) and Faculty Advisor for the Coleman Center for Entrepreneurship. Since 1998, Dr. Tavanti has been collaborating with various indigenous Mayan community organizations and Mexican NGOs, including International Service for Peace (SIPAZ). Dr. Tavanti is currently working on a book entitled Sustainable Development Leadership. Other publications include Las Abejas: Pacifist Resistance and Syncretism identities in a Globalizing Chiapas (Routledge 2003), analysis of the collective identity of an indigenous civil society organization and their struggle for land rights.

Agata Stachowicz-Stanusch

Full Professor of Management, University of Technology, Poland

Agata Stachowicz-Stanusch is a full professor of management at the Silesian University of Technology, Poland, and the head of the Management and Marketing Department. She is the author of over 80 research papers and has 14 books published by leading houses. She manages an international research team as part of the project “Sensitizing Future Business Leaders: Developing Anti-Corruption Guidelines for Curriculum Change” of the UN Global Compact and the Principles for Responsible Management Education (PRME) initiative.


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